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  • Welcome to AusPhil Outsourcing

    Est in 2009 we are an Australian owned and managed contact centre based in the Philippines, with clients in Australia, USA, UK & NZ we specialise in inbound & outbound marketing & customer service, data entry and back office solutions.

    Our company offers partnership solutions to companies wanting to build a working relationship with an offshore partner, whether its lead generation, telemarketing, inbound customer service and sales, help desk, data entry and back office solutions.

    Our call centre is run by experienced Australian management who have a wealth of knowledge in offshore outsourcing and the ability to make your transition to outsourcing offshore an easy and successful one.

    The Philippines is now the No 1 destination in the world for companies looking to go offshore, with around 1,000,000 call centre agents now working throughout the Philippines combined with a national 94% literacy rate and great written and oral English with a strong work ethic, there is no better choice than the Philippines to offshore your help desk, inbound customer service, telemarketing and back office needs.

    We only hire the best and most qualified staff for your company, all staff are university educated with a minimum of 2 years call centre experience and trained by our experienced call centre managers, so why continue paying such high costs when you can save more than 50% of your outgoings by partnering with a professional outsourcing company.

    Outbound Services

    Choose AusPhil for Outbound Call Centre Services

    In addition to our wide variety of other services, AusPhil also provides outbound call centre outsourcing. There are several aspects of outbound calls we can do here at AusPhil including generating sales leads, setting appointments and telesales. We have teams of people who are trained and ready to work in a call centre for you in order to get the sales you need for growth.

    Call Centre Outsourcing Saves Time and Generates Sales

    Choosing a company like AusPhil for your outbound calls can save you time and money. You will be able to focus your business and your employees on other aspects of your company like building products and designing services. Feel free to leave the outbound calls up to our trained professionals. For more information on our services, contact us today.

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    Inbound Services

    Choose AusPhil for Inbound Call Centre Services

    Here at AusPhil Outsourcing, we know how important it is to establish a good relationship with our customers. We can also do that for you when you take advantage of our inbound call centre solutions. We can effectively answer any of your customer concerns or questions and help build relationships that promote retention.

    Choose a Premier Inbound Call Centre Company

    Learning more about the inbound call services that AusPhil can provide in a call centre capacity is important for you. Some of the services that we do when it comes to inbound calls include handling customer inquiries for you, completing sales and taking orders for your company. Our employees are trained specifically for this type of work and our focus is on you. Contact AusPhil today to learn more about the solutions.

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    Back Office Solutions

    Choose AusPhil for Business Process Outsourcing services

    When you are looking for a trustworthy and responsible business process outsourcing call centre company, you want to find a company that can lead to results. When you work with AusPhil for your business outsourcing needs, you will be able to rely on a partner in business that you can not only trust, but who can provide a wide variety of services to your business as well as your customers.

    AusPhil Business Outsourcing Company (BPO) Services

    Working with AusPhil for your BPO in Australia will give you access to a wide variety of services. Our company is able to offer bookkeeping and accounting services for instance, which will provide you with professionals who are qualified and trained in accounting and finance at a corporate level. We are also able to provide payroll assistance and processing. We are flexible and can process your payrolls weekly, fortnightly and monthly (which include deductions).

    We also have trained professional accounts payable and receivable employees who are fully capable of handling your accounts in a timely and responsible manner.

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    What you will get for your money

    • Experienced call centre agents with excellent English speaking skills
    • Your agents will work a 40h work week
    • Working hours are on Australian time
    • All your call costs are inclusive to Australian landline numbers
    • A dedicated Australian account manager
    • Daily and weekly call reporting
    • Dedicated Quality Assurance Officer to monitor quality of calls, sales and appointments
    • Online CRM program for your agents to track leads and sales
    • First class work environment for your agents

    We offer call centre solutions for your business

    AusPhil Outsourcing Solutions was formed due to the increasing demand in offshore outsourcing solutions for Australian Businesses.

    The Philippines was chosen due to the high level of English speaking University educated Filipinos and their neutral accents.

    When you truly consider the benefits and when you add up all of the features we undeniably offer more value than our nearest competitor, India. This includes price, quality of service, uptime, support, management accessibility and flexibility.

    Our Clients